This is home after all

Scanned collages of layered and
cut-out black and white laser prints.
Various sizes.
Year: 2022
I often find myself looking out my living room window observing the surroundings. All my senses fixated by the slight glimpses into the lives of the neighbouring families. The somehow comforting sounds of the afternoon chaos from the streets behind. The breeze perfumed with the savoury scent of onions, garlic and ginger frying in oil. The dominant sounds of men in the distance. The caws of a crow perched by my window paired with the buzzing of generator units interrupted by the distant thuds of a tram on its tracks.

Through acts of observation, looking through window frames, while physically staying put in one place, my mind offers a space for contemplation while it flirts with other memories of home-like places, triggered by the slightest relatable element, it searches for a similar vignette of a memory from a place that in the past also felt like a home, reaching out on to another reality. Suddenly everything beyond my living room window is transformed. A fluid combination of reality and fact that exist both in the past present and future. A constant collision of geographies dotted with the daily mundaneness of life. These images explore the ideas that the mind re-creates, revealing perhaps the most realistic version of what the personal home currently looks like.


Year: 2020


© Copyright Nael Quraishi 2022