Nael Quraishi

Bio/CV b.1994
Artist based in The Hague, The Netherlands

Nael Quraishi is an artist working with the medium of photography. His work emerges from his own experiences and memories of his childhood and having lived between such dissimilar cultures and environments of Pakistan and the UK. It pushes him to criticise and reflect upon topics of nostalgia, displacement and national identity through various intuitive and hands-on approaches of altered archival or self-made images, to digital reconstruction to video.

He holds a bachelor in design specialised in photography from The Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (KABK) and his work has been shown internationally in both art festivals and group exhibitions such as; Melkweg Expo Amsterdam 2019, International Pakistan Art Festival 2019, Unseen Fair Amsterdam 2018, VSVU Academy of Fine Art & Design Bratislava 2017, EYE Film Institute Amsterdam 2017 and Belfast Photo Festival 2016. His work has also been nominated for De Zilveren Camera, Prijs voor Storytelling 2019.

2020 Zilveren Camera, Museum Hilversum, Hilversum NL

2019 KABK Graduation Festival - The Hague, NL
2019 Push it to the Limit, Melkweg Expo - Amsterdam, NL
2019 The Quantum City: Territory Space Place - Karachi, PK
2019 (Un)Conditional, Bibliotheek Den Haag - The Hague, NL

2018 Beyond View, Belfast Exposed Gallery - Belfast, UK
2018 ‘Good Work’, curated by Femke Lutgerink, The Grey Space in The Middle - The Hague, NL
2018 Let Me Tell You About, UNSEEN Amsterdam - Amsterdam, NL

2017 A Breath of Fresh Air, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) - The Hague, NL
2017 NOUN Presents, VSVU Academy of Fine Art & Design - Bratislava, SK
2017 Ulster University Photo Fair 2, Belfast, UK
2017 Trance and Moving Image, EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam, NL

2016 Ulster University Photo Fair 1, Belfast, UK
2016 Belfast Photo Festival, Belfast, UK

2018 Bani Abidi (Berlin, DE) Bani Abidi
2012 + 2013 Shalalae Jamil (Karachi, PK)

2020 Between Light, Works 1984-2020 by Ayessha Quraishi
2019 The Quantum City, IPAF 2019
2019 Push It To The Limit, Graduation Catalogue
2019 KABK Graduation Festival Catalogue
2019 Fast Love and the Palm Tree Beach Hut (BA Thesis)
2018 Flights I Could Have Taken
2017 NOUN Presents: Appendix
2016 A New Common Chord
2016 Oranges and Satellites in collaboration w/ Cory Danks
2016 Photographer of the week Capricious ‘An Exercise in Faith’
2016 FotoRoom interview ‘An Exercise in Faith’

2019 De Zilveren Camera, Prijs voor Storytelling, Nominee

2016 - 2019 BA Photography, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK)
2014 - 2016 BA (hons) Photography, Ulster University

instagram: @naelquraishi

The Empty Bench.

“Dear all, I cannot even begin to explain how it felt to hear the news, It was important to me that both sides of my family would come together again… Does everyone remember what the grass in our old garden looked like?”

This work reflects upon a migrants persistent struggle of being part of a familial bond that is disjointed and spread around the globe. Comprising a 12 minute video, collaborative photographic series and installation “The Empty Bench” is set around the event of an unpredictable family reunion which would take place in Karachi, Pakistan. As a reaction or alternative, I invited each family member to participate in my project by asking them to photograph their gardens and send the results in a family WhatsApp group chat. This helped us deal with the discomfort of being separated as an attempt to get closer to each other at a time we could not be.

A place, no longer.

How do we stay connected to places that no longer exist? This is about Basant, a dhol player from The Netherlands who’s journey began in Ludhiana, India in 2008. During a trip there after 8 years in 2016, he returned to the location where he learnt how to play in hope of reliving his memories to only find out that the building had been demolished amongst others on the street due to the cities anti-encroachment operation carried out by the Municipal Corporation authorities.

Flight’s I Could Have Taken.

A dream turned sour. Process became a struggle. An idea was pushed to far So I guess it’s time to confess, I have an obsession with the idea of goin back ‘home’ which to me which I think is Karachi, Pakistan. The longer I don’t go the bigger the problem gets.

Who’s Been Eating My Porridge?

Half of my childhood was spent in another place a world apart from where I am now. I left my country for a new one with my mother when I was 8 years old. Now 16 years later I feel like i’m losing touch with what was once familiar to me. How do certain objects take on personality and become sentimental? On one hand I have my memories of my childhood but the objects serve as proof that it happened. A reconstruction of my memories.


“please don’t do this here, go somewhere else!” This was shouted at me from a distance when I tried to pray in the city. Knowing that there is a small population of Muslims in a mosque-less country I wondered, where are they? How do they deal with this? Since my experience left me powerless I began to question the visual physicality of the Islamic prayer in Slovakia where the religion is unnoticeable. To incur the invisible we pray, reciting the same words, at the same time, facing the same direction. Together. Bratislava, Slovakia 2017